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P 200 E
Uniflex® hose line test bench

P 200 E

Special advantages:

Operator guidance through plain text
Microprocessor-controlled test sequence
High testing capacity
Short setup times
Automatic blow-out
Wear-resistant sealing heads
Time is saved by semi-automatic test sequence
Completely closed test chamber
Cover with safety glass
Environmentally acceptable water-and-oil emulsion
Easy to operate
Ergonomic design
Hose rolls can be tested

The new UNIFLEX® hose line test bench P 200 E with the digital microprocessor based UNIMATIControl®-E system and the special clamping system with sealing cones makes testing of hose pipes up to I.D. 1" (DN 25) even more flexible, quicker and simpler.

All test data are entered in the easy-to-use, menu-assisted control, and, if necessary, they can be saved under a freely selectable article number. The fact that any saved test data can be called up again results in a considerable reduction of setup times and ensures high repeat accuracy. Moreover, a test record of every test can be printed out, documenting the result in "black and white". Due to the patented clamping system with sealing cone, screwing operations and hundreds of threaded adapters are no longer needed. The hose is simply placed into the spacious test chamber, filled with the test medium, clamped hydraulically, subjected to a static load of up to 3000 bar (43500 psi), and emptied automatically.

Operating procedures:

Loading - One end of the hose line is inserted in a fixed, stationary testing head, the other end is placed in a movable testing head. The fittings are then located between quick- release locks and cone-shaped sealing heads. A hydraulic unit supplies the precisely adjustable clamping pressure to the sealing heads.

Testing - The filing pump rinses and ventilates the hose line in the test chamber. After the window is lowered, the previously set clamping and test pressure is generated automatically. The hose line can be observed in the well lighted test chamber. During the test, additional pressure surges can be applied to the hose line when the system is in manual mode. An environmentally acceptable water-and-oil emulsion is used as the test medium (certificates of the Bavarian Biological Testing Institute and the Institute for Hygiene in Essen, Germany).

Blowing Out - The pressure test is ended with one push of a button, i.e. the test pressure is reduced and the blow- out time has expired, the hose line can be removed from the machine.